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Gastroenterologist & Hemorrhoid Specialist in Arizona

About Us

Pain Free Hemorrhoid Removal

Pain-Free Hemorrhoid Removal

Elite Banding was founded for the sole purpose of fixing hemorrhoids. We don’t have a stake in the medical game - no pushing of extra products, medications, or treatment options that just do not work. We offer pain-free hemorrhoid removal - that’s all.


No sedation

No prep

No downtime

Hemorrhoidal banding is a minimally invasive, pain-free procedure that is performed without the need for anesthesia. The quick recovery rate allows you to get back to what matters to you most with minimal recovery time. Elite Banding is here to answer all of your questions and help guide you through your journey to a life without hemorrhoids.

Board-Certified Gastroenterologist

Maheen Sheikh, MD

Hi! I am a board certified Gastroenterologist and Hemorrhoid Specialist. Here is the part where everyone has a million questions – “you specialize in hemorrhoids? Why?” Well, I did not choose it, hemorrhoids chose me.

I worked in a clinic where I was the only Gastroenterologist performing pain-free hemorrhoid removal, and I removed tons of hemorrhoid. And my patients were truly grateful! I could see how removing their hemorrhoid allowed them a better quality of life, which made me happy. That prompted me to found Elite Banding, a clinic that only specializes in pain-free hemorrhoid removal.

Board Certified Gastroenterologist Maheen Sheikh, MD
Elite Banding

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