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Gastroenterologist & Hemorrhoid Specialist in Arizona


What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoid (HEM-uh-roids), also known as piles, are characterized as veins that are swollen in the anus or lower rectum, and can be due to a variety of causes. Rectal bleeding, pain during bowel movements, itching, hard lumps near the anus, and anal pain are all common symptoms of hemorrhoids. Around 75% of the adult population will suffer from hemorrhoids by the age of 45.

The team at Elite Banding can help eliminate pain and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids - call us today!

How many Americans suffer from hemorrhoids?

Approximately 75% of people suffer from hemorrhoids, but only 4% ask for help. Why? Because no one wants to have surgery on their anus! The idea of cutting, removing, and stitching your bottom does not sound appealing.

What does treatment look like?

Elite Banding specializes in Rubber Band Ligation (RBL) using the CRH O’Reagan system, which is different from traditional banding practices. The CRH O’Regan system involves using gentle suction to treat hemorrhoids. This allows for a fast and painless experience that eliminates the need for fasting, sedation, or any recovery time!

Generally, ~3 treatments are necessary, but vary by patient. Call us today and schedule a consultation!

Is there any preparation or post-operation downtime?

No! The entire process is quick and painless.

Does the treatment hurt?

No! We use a specialized procedure that is fast and painless!

Does insurance cover my hemorrhoid treatment?

Yes, most insurances cover hemorrhoidal banding. We work with all patients and have cash pay programs as well.

How can you remove hemorrhoids without pain?

We use an innovative hemorrhoid banding system that uses gentle manual suction to apply a rubber band to the base of the hemorrhoid. This procedure requires no sedation, no prep, and there is NO PAIN. We suction the hemorrhoid column into the banding system and place a band around it. This causes you to feel pressure but no pain. Within the next few days, the hemorrhoid column will fall off (most people do not even realize when it has fallen off).

Does insurance cover the procedure?

Most insurances do cover the procedure.

How do I prep for the procedure?

No prep! You do not have to fast for the procedure. There is no sedation. You do not need a driver to drive you home.

How long is the procedure?

It takes around one minute to place a rubber band around a hemorrhoid. On average, the entire visit can last around 15 minutes.

How effective is the procedure?

It is over 99% effective.

What is the recurrence rate after hemorrhoid removal?

Most patients do not experience hemorrhoidal recurrence within the first two years following hemorrhoidal banding. The key is to implement dietary and lifestyle modifications after hemorrhoid removal to reduce the risk of redeveloping hemorrhoid.

How much downtime will I need after the procedure?

None. Most people go back to work the same day.

Any restrictions after the procedure?

For the first 24 hours after the procedure: Do not perform heavy lifting, and do not insert any objects into the anal canal (look up more).

Why do I have to have 3 separate visits to remove the hemorrhoids?

We have three hemorrhoid columns, which is why you need at least three bands to remove all the hemorrhoid. Therefore, the safest way to remove your hemorrhoid is to schedule three appointments that are two weeks apart.

What age group has hemorrhoids?

We notice hemorrhoid in any adult patient. You can be 18, 39, 63, or 98; it does not matter.

What are some of the benefits of hemorrhoidal removal?
  • High success rate.
  • Low recurrence rate.
  • Insurance coverage.
  • Fast In-Office procedure.
  • Pain-free.
  • No recovery time.
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